I’ve Somewhat Defeated FOMO

When it comes to technology, especially Apple gadgets, I have always suffered from FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. As I take a look around at my Apple products, I am content. I’m not yearning for anything new. Not one of my Apple devices are the best Apple has to offer. Finally, I’m fine with it.

Some will roll their eyes when I mention my iPhone 12 mini because I know people want this phone but may not be able to purchase it at this time. But, to the point of this post, I don’t need-or want-the 12 Pro or Pro Max. I truly value this size over any of the extra stuff that the higher-end models offer. Upgrading to the best of the best instead what’s best for me has always been an issue of mine.

My iPad is the 7th-generation regular iPad. This thing is one of the best values in tech products I’ve purchase over the years. For how I use an iPad, it’s perfect. I do a little writing on it with the Smart Keyboard and usually watch YouTube or read magazines on it. I recently played a game and it definitely showed its age and how the older processor can lag a little, but overall I’m not in the hunt for a new iPad yet.

My Apple Watch is the Series 4 model from over two years ago. A new Apple Watch this year is definitely something on my radar. But only if there are some amazing new features or redesign. Whereas my Series 2 was considerably slow after a year and a half, this Series 4 is performing like it’s brand new. I could even see myself waiting another year to upgrade this one.

My AirPods are the second generation AirPods. And I am loving them. I will be tempted if Apple comes out with the rumored smaller model without noise cancellation but even then, they won’t be an instant upgrade. I originally upgraded from the first generation AirPods because the battery wouldn’t quite make it a hour while I was doing yard work. But after handing them off to my wife, I realized that they still have life in them. I still wish the AirPod Pros worked out for me but that just wasn’t the case.

Finally, my MacBook. I have a 2017 MacBook Pro. When I’m not in school, it is my least used device. Now that I am partially working from home and school ramping back up, it will get the fans spinning again. I am loving all of the reviews of the new M1 Macs but as of now, the 2017 MacBook is still kicking butt. It is nice to know that when it is time to upgrade to a new MacBook that these new M1 devices are going to be a great step forward.

I know, I am very privileged to be able to own these devices. I am thankful that I am able. But coming from a point where I’d upgrade to the newest thing just to have it, I’m very happy with where I’m at. And so is my wallet. My next challenge is to hold onto an iPhone for longer than a year.

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