I am definitely someone who loves a routine. Having a kid a year and a half ago I was worried that that would go out the window. My routine as I knew it did, but naturally I found a new one. Plus, after reading everything under the sun about kids, I learned that kids crave routines.

I’m not sure how people don’t have some sort of set routine but I do know people function without one. So I wanted to give a rundown of my current routine.

My wife and I have been getting up early to get some quiet time before our little one wakes up. Recently that has consisted of waking up at 4:30am to read and workout. You can check out the books I have read in February here!

I shower at the same time everyday and by the time I am getting out of the shower our little guy starts to wake up.

Around 630, we all are usually eating breakfast, getting dressed, and about to head out the door.

After the work day starts, I have tasks that I regularly do for that specific day built into my calendar. People laugh, but my lunchtime is 11am everyday, if I can make it. Having this type of structure helps plan out my days and allows me to schedule appointments a lot easier.

After work, the evenings consist of dinner and spending time as a family. When the baby goes to bed, my wife and I read for about a half hour then either fall asleep or catch up on the latest tv shows. Currently we are watching A Million Little Things and This is Us. Personally, I am trying to catch up on all of the DC shows on the CW, Wandavision and the second seasons of some Apple TV originals.

So that is a rundown of my day. I love a good routine and it drives me crazy when things throw it off. I understand life happens and things will always try to throw you off of your routine but sticking with something is important. That’s why I really want to focus on my writing and getting in more of a routine with that.

Do you have a routine? What does that look like? Let me know on twitter!

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