iPhone 12 mini – Review

For the last month I have been using the iPhone 12 mini. If you haven’t read my iPhone 12 Pro review, you can check that out here! But if you don’t, the 12 Pro was my first choice when upgrading this year. Unfortunately, there was a flickering screen issue that I thought was a hardware issue. Shortly after returning it, news came out that Apple knew about the issue and will fix it in a software update. As of today, that has yet to be fixed.

The iPhone 12 mini was my second choice if I couldn’t have the Pro. So, with the Pro going back to Apple, I ordered a White iPhone 12 mini. And I love it.

For years people have been asking for a smaller iPhone. This iPhone 12 mini falls between the size of the 4-inch screen iPhone 5 and 4.7-inch screen iPhone 6/7/8. While the physical size is between those two phones, the screen actually measures out larger than both, at 5.4-inches. This is because this is the smallest modern-day iPhone without a home button.

At first, this iPhone felt like a toy. It was comically small. I really wasn’t sure about it. That feeling quickly fleeted. Now, when I look at it first thing in the morning, I ask myself if this is really the mini? It truly feels like a normal sized iPhone at this point. I say this now, but in fact, I think I could use something a tad smaller.

With the 12 and 12 mini you lose the third telephoto camera that I have been used to since the iPhone 7 Plus. I really thought I would miss it but so far it has not been an issue. You can still use digital zoom, which you may lose some quality, but I have used it so far and it has been fine. I really felt like I haven’t lost anything.

The other downside is a smaller battery. Yes, coming from an iPhone 11 Pro, you will notice a battery difference. But since I am around chargers all day long, this is also a non-issue. I will definitely pick up a Smart Battery Case for this phone if and when Apple releases one.

One true issue that I have had so far is with my wireless charger. Prior to the mini, there was maybe one time where I had issues where I wake up in the morning and my phone didn’t wirelessly charge overnight. With the 12 mini, you have to make sure the phone is lined up just right on the wireless charger. It starts out sitting correctly on the charger but after a few notifications at night, it will sometimes move enough to stop charging and wake up with a low battery. I recently wrote a review about Apple’s magnetic MagSafe charger that would fix this issue. I am going to wait and see if Apple releases one with a longer cable. But if not, I might have to purchase another one for better wireless charging.

From the flat side design, to the weight and size, this is truly my favorite iPhone ever. Am I still tempted by the Pro’s? Absolutely. This is the first time that I have strayed away from the “best” iPhone of the year. I am starting to realize that maybe the tech specs aren’t what makes something the best. Maybe it is what is best for me. If so, this is it.

You can pickup the iPhone 12 mini at Apple in White, Black, Green, Blue, and Red in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB of storage. The price starts at $730.

Let me know your thoughts on the new iPhones on twitter!

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