Review: MagSafe Charger

I used the MagSafe charger for about two weeks and I can tell you now, I’m no longer using it. Here’s why.

The MagSafe charger is simply a magnetic charger that attaches to the new iPhone 12 line of phones. It is fairly strong, and depending on your use, that could be part of the issue.

The charging cable is only 3-feet in length. My initial thought was that I could use this charger while in bed, similarly to having it plugged into the lighting port. With such a short cable length, this does not work for me. A 6-foot cable would be an ideal solution, and then maybe I would buy it again.

Throughout the evening, I will be on and off my phone. With any other wireless charger, I plop it on the charger and remove it as needed. This is not as easy with MagSafe. The magnet is so good that it sometimes requires two hands or a flick of a finger to remove it from the phone. This is fine but it is a clumsy maneuver that results in the charger falling to the floor, also due to the short cable length. Everybody’s situation will be entirely different but for my use case, its a no-go.

This charger is ideal for people who throw their phone on at night and never pick it up until the morning. And for the most part that is how I use my current wireless charger. But as mentioned above, I do like to have it charging while I’m not using it. You can guarantee a perfect alignment and a fully charged phone when you wake up. My wife hates wireless charging because she would often wake up to a dead phone because it was never lined up correctly. This solves that problem.

I do think $40 is a fair price for a premium Apple charger but it is frustrating that you need another $20 power brick to allow this to function, if you don’t already have one. Along the same lines, the cable and magnetic puck are one integrated cable. So you can’t just go buy a new cable if yours goes bad or if you wanted a longer one. This is disappointing.

So, as it stands today, the MagSafe charger works as advertised but is definitely not for me. A longer cable for this charger would be the difference maker for me to buy another one. I love the idea of MagSafe accessories that are going to be released. I am really hoping for a battery that you can just magnetically attach to the back of the phone and it will start charging wirelessly. One can only hope.

You can pick up the MagSafe charger on Amazon for $39.

What are your feelings on the MagSafe charger? Let me know on twitter!

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